Monday, July 25, 2011

Prevention of Back Pain - Self Care

Dude… My back is killing me. I oft hear this from friends and family.
I know what they mean as this issue plagues me on and off too and trust me back pain can be bloody bad!
Having done the necessary reading and meditation on this common problem, I’ve realized that there is lots that we can do to help prevent and make the pain more manageable. Have perhaps more good days than bad so to speak
It is important when self caring for back pain to remember that you must be able to know when you need to see a doctor.
I have discussed this HERE previously.
Ultimately, the short story is:
1.    Get the pain under control.
2.    Work on flexibility.
3.    Progress to strengthening the muscles and structures which help support the back.
Mind you, the muscles are the key to guarding your back from injury and reinjury. Building up muscle flexibility and strengthening is easier said then done but doing it helps prevent recurrent attacks.
Here are some exercises I gleaned from The Malaysian Low Back Care Management Guidelines. Most of the exercises are self explanatory.